testimonials SEP year 4

The beginning in year 1 , we went through a major cleansing process...

As they say if the cup is full it will only overflow, so ensure it is empty if you want to fill it..

After so many changes in these 4 years ..I don't know whether I need to fill it or just leave it empty.

Every moment has been learning and unlearning ..

Breaking all the conditioning, being attached but still constantly detaching. Dropping the ego, learning to be true to yourself.

Anger surfacing on the outside but an unimaginable calmness inside.

Connecting to the divine and realising the divinity inside..

And finally knowing there is no inside or outside, no you or me, no master or disciple...

We are just one ..

The mind plays the game and you just learn to be aware and watch.

The biggest truth is after the I God..  I feel so true to what I feel and honour it.

And I realise that at times we need to do things for ourselves .. and it's ok.

Earlier my ego would never allow me to show my true feelings, I always had to put up this show that I am in control and it's ok.. ensuring others are happy at all times.

But this time.. not angry/ not harsh/ not rude but in a truly calm n composed way I am able to say and admit openly what I feel ..

This is really a big growth for me.

I love you master Sri Pranaji dearly and can't express my gratitude enough for this transformation. ❤

You always knew the areas that were grey for each one of us, but you didn't tell us .. you gently led us to figure it out for ourselves.

Vrushali, Dubai SEP year 4


A Spiritual Journey

One of the hardest subjects for me to talk about is “spiritualism”. This is because I find the subject inherently abstract. I simply could not come to grips with it. Each time I think I am beginning to know something, it falls apart and I end up at the starting point again. Maybe it is not meant to be spoken about. Maybe it is meant to be experienced individually. Is that why those who know of the subject remain silent, while those who speak openly seem incongruent? I don’t know, but in my 10 years as a student, learner, spiritual adventurer (call it what you will), I have come to learn that the only sure thing on my spiritual path is: a person worthy of being called a Guru, is the person who gave me more knowledge (not lessons!) that I could possibly ask.

For me, the path to explore “spiritualism” was inspired by the quest to silence the mind: the intensive thinking that my job demands, the usual challenges to make ends meet and the daily effort to “fit in”, collectively leads to a phenomenon called “stress”. Hence the need for escapism which calls for a holiday at regular intervals to “get away from it all”, or perhaps intensive physical exercise “to sweat it out” and indeed, meditative practice to “rewire the grey matter”. Ultimately, it was exploration with the various meditative practices that set me on course in a spiritual path leading to Pranashakty, an organization led by Sri Pranaji.

As they say, it takes no more than 3 minutes to decide if you will gel with a person. With Sri Pranaji, we hit off immediately. I was impressed by the simplicity of his approach as a teacher, his humility as a person, the variety of practices he offers as leader of Pranashakty and above all, the relevance of his practices. As it transpired, Sri Pranaji had a day-time job as a senior executive in a manufacturing facility. He deals with people and their problems at all levels on a daily basis! Sri Pranaji is therefore, well-acquainted with the vicissitudes of life, which he would attribute to the age of “Kali Yuga”.

According to vedic tradition, the age of Kali Yuga refers to the last phase of earth’s life. It is thought that undivided devotion to God is not found amongst the people who live in this period. Instead those who live in this period are inevitably distracted by a myriad of illusions, delusions, superstition and materialism. I am no exception. So, the variety of practices that Sri Pranaji offers suits me fine. I had signed up for almost every retreat over the years. Looking back, my only purpose was to bask in the variety of practices which I could use to fool my own mind into silent mode. Had Sri Pranaji gone on to conjure more spiritual retreats, I would have happily gone along.

But, 2014 proved to be a momentous year for Pranashakty. Sri Pranaji conveyed a message channeled from his master, that practices based squarely on pranayama is not effective in the age of Kali Yuga. There is a need for radical change to current practices, if students devoted to spiritual practices are going to have any hope for salvation. Hence Sri Pranaji unfolded the “Shakty Enlightment Programme” (or “SEP”). For the first time, Sri Pranaji spoke openly about guaranteed tangible results in spiritual practices. This would mean manifestation of spiritual intent in the physical realm. Wow!

“Experience the truth for yourself” was the opening salvo.

Basically, every tool for realizing every conceivable reason for adopting a spiritual path will be granted in the SEP. Best of all, every tool we ever need is found within ourselves. The soul, after all, knows everything. So let’s bring him out.

Here’s the deal: at the heart of the SEP is the theory that human existence is divided into three parts. Firstly, the physical self in which we navigate the physical realm with our physical senses, of sight, of feel, of hearing, of taste and of smell, assisted of course, by our physical organs.

Secondly, there is the energetic self, the existence of which would have been long suspected by many of us. Yet we may not have pursued our suspicions for a variety of reasons. The energetic self is analogous to our understanding of the subconscious mind. Vedic practitioners refer to the energetic body as the “Jeeva”. It is no exaggeration to say that the knowledge base of vedic practitioners predate the idea of “subconscious” by a couple of thousand years, hence they do not explicitly speak of the “subconscious”. Instead, the “Jeeva” is regarded as a repository of our life experience. It is the sum total of our life experience regardless whether the experience was imposed on us or whether it was the product of some voluntary pursuit, or whether it was adopted unknowingly (hence subconscious).

Thirdly, each living human has a soul to keep us alive. This, according to vedic tradition, is the Divine in all of us, also referred as “Athi-atma”. Everything the physical body needs to sustain an existence, is found in the soul, which is a passive know-it-all in every human being. This, we must activate for the ultimate spiritual experience. The practice leading to activating the soul is sometimes referred as “self-realisation”. One is self-realised only if one succeeds in activating the soul in its full glory. 

Thus, beyond the theory of our existence, is the first step in self-realisation. The process begins with isolating the Jeeva from the physical body. Successful candidates will experience consciousness outside of the physical body. This is the start of life in the fourth dimension. In a flash, we will find ourselves in a whole new universe. The physical senses and organs which we have been so dependent throughout, will suddenly play second fiddle to the sensors of the energetic body, the chakras. Even the brain, which has been the command centre all along, has to get used to playing second fiddle to the Jeeva.

The brain which has been the nerve centre of the physical body, will find itself scrambling to come to terms with the new reality. In the energetic realm, energetic things will manifest at the speed of thought since all our thoughts have been stored in the Jeeva all along. Healing becomes faster. Even our view of the energetic body is not merely an outline of the aura anymore, but a solid block of energy with a hive of energetic activity. Overtime, even chakras become visible. By then, the existence of the energetic realm and its dwellers become increasingly visible. The primary aim of this exercise, is to prepare the Jeeva to exist independently at will and therefore, for life beyond our physical existence. Our Jeeva will live on at our will, even though our physical body has long passed its expiry date! In the process, SEP candidates will experience events and manifestation beyond normal human abilities. That which we normally describe as “miracles”.

While I have come a long way since the day I took the first step on my spiritual journey, the SEP has set my learning curve on a very steep gradient with much to learn and re-learn about our existence and beyond. As Sri Pranaji has said, see the truth for yourself! For me the truth is still unfolding with unmitigated anxiety and anticipation.

Stumbling on a master who can and will, lead you on a journey of self-realisation will probably be the endeavor of many life times. Do not let this opportunity pass.

On that note, I invite you to join me on this fascinating journey.

SK Cheong, SEP Dubai year 4


This retreat for me was one of the most important moments in my life. What I've been looking for so long is starting to happen. The pressure of endless thoughts in the head is easing. Their volume decreases. The emotional reaction to the events around is weakening. All events, are happening as if passing through some filter and reaching my consciousness already smoothened, emotionally muted. And the most important thing is the feeling of yourself as the Creator of all that is happening around you. A sense of power. Power and the ability to create your own reality. And joy, that similar processes occuring presumably and to other members of our group. And that means the most the main of the credit in this is of our Master. Who gathered us, patiently worked on our formation, very carefully and carefully treated us. For this I am eternally grateful to him. I am grateful to Pranaji that life began to bring satisfaction, peace, joy and confidence . I'm getting more and more used to the idea that everything will be just as I wish. For there is nothing stronger, more powerful , more infinite, more joyful than Me and We. I am in all and all in me.

Arut perum JOTHI

Fania, Russia SEP Russia year 4

Some say when the student is ready the Master appears. Others say it is Master who chooses his disciples. Whatever may be the case, one has to be really blessed to have a Sadguru in one's life who will hold your finger and lead you on the spiritual journey.

I along with my wife and daughter have been fortunate enough to be associated with Sri Pranaji since last 12 years when we attended his first ever Spiritual workshop in Dubai.since then we have grown spiritually on an accelerated pace under the guidance of Sri Pranaji.

Sri Pranaji has been a spiritual scientist all along, trying to find ways and means to spiritual salvation in this fast-paced era.

He would always try to devise techniques which will help the people who could not afford to spend time on themselves leave aside their spiritual growth.

He strived with the premise that enlightenment is not just for people who lived in solitude leaving everything.

The common man, the common householder also had the right to enlightenment.  With this aim he under the guidance of his astral Masters developed a common minimum program based Shakty Enlightenment Process a five-year journey in which an individual will experience assured self realisation in other words awakening or enlightenment.

What for many aspirants may take a lifetime to achieve, this process promises to deliver within five years. If you are reading this, consider not this as coincidence. This a call for you to kick off the journey, contribute to the collective consciousness by raising your vibrational frequencies.

Arut perum jothi

Gratitude to my spiritual family and Master Sri Pranaji

Nandesh, Dubai, SEP 4th year student


 Pranams and Gratitue to Sri Pranaji for this wonderful SEP and for accepting me as his student.

This process has enabled me to explore and experience the mission impossible (now mission possible) in spirituality. It taught me the essence of my soul, its power, connecting to the higher self and the truth.The initial stages of the process took me to various processes of taming my mind and clearing unwanted imprints, clutters and conditionings from my subconscious mind. I started travelling internally. My perception towards situations and life changed making me feel lighter and joyful. The changes in me are well noticed by my colleagues and friends who highly appreciate and respect me for my transformation. These changes in me, enabled me to progress to the next stages of the process of empowering my soul. I am fortunate and blessed to be part of this divine process. Thanks to my guru, Sri Pranaji to take me and my family across, through his teachings, guidance, healing techiques and unconditional love. Thank you Master in abundance.

Shalini Nandesh, Dubai, SEP year 4


 I have utmost gratitude and love for my guru Sri Pranaji for everything. He’s shown me the path to help me discover myself in many situations that have made me realize my capabilities. Master has loved each one of his students so unconditionally that his love pours out to us and changes us in so many ways that I cannot describe in words. He’s helped me realize that we are our own source of energy that will help us gain many blessings, not only spiritually, but also achieve them materialistically.

Master and the SEP program has truly changed my state of being and thinking. I have gained much more control over my mind and thoughts that I could not have done before. This program has made me feel more connected to the source and my inner voice, most certainly destroying all kinds of fears and conditions in me that I never knew were barriers in my progress in life. Through Master’s guidance I am learning my inner powers, connecting to myself and my Atma. Master has been ever so patient with me since the beginning, letting me grow and discover myself without any judgements - only acceptance, love and laughter.

I continue to learn a lot about myself through Master’s blessings and I am grateful to God for leading me to Master and to be his student. Thank you so very much Master for guiding me so patiently to connect and be one with the Source.

Hansini Nandesh, Dubai, SEP year 4

Spirituality is a very unknown path where you break all conventional rules and explore yourself but it is very important to have correct hands to hold you right and walk you the path.I would say that surely I am blessed to have my Master Sri Prannaji with me ,I am sure it's my good karma and all my lives, love and bhakty which got him to me . If I have to write about SEP it's a process of self-exploring yourself which everyone one can do if you have determination but the real enjoyment in this journey is receiving the unconditional love from master which helps you to open your unconditional heart to the world making you a better person and enhancing the divine quality in yourself and connecting to your soul power. 

 .....which can happen with only one thing and that  is Bhakty and unconditional love towards your Master with Faith and patience. Enlightenment is just the beginning to new you .....you should explore it yourself and enjoy it .As your experience is your experience which is the best teacher ( as my masters says and also makes it happen ).

Aruth Perum Jothi


Sneha Harish, Dubai, SEP year 4

Sri Pranaji, a simple, humble and a normal man who I met accidentally in 2003 led me to the most unexpected surprises in my spiritual life. Those spiritual experiences that I went through along with his students, my spiritual family, were nothing short of a miracle. Shakty enlightenment program, the core if his teaching is a proof of compassion and revolutionary thought process and the scientist inside this enlightened guru. Through each year of training, Sri Pranaji helped us to take giant leaps in progress and we left each of those classes with stunning revelations and full of gratitude. While we stand on the door step of our final spiritual journey, soaking ourselves in the light of soul, we can only tell you one thing. Just don’t miss it. You have no clue about what is waiting for you.

Reagrds, Ragesh, India, SEP year 4

I started the SEP program 4 years ago with master Sri Pranaji. Master Sri Pranaji is the dream master, he embodies the unconditional love, the acceptance and the tolerance. Add to these attributes his "coolness", and you will have an unique Master to teach you something as serious as the law of universe.

However, I have to be honest, I often wonder, still now, why I am doing this program, the fact is I have something, call it an inner voice, that tells me I have to do it, it's now. So here I am...

For me the journey is not always a long calm river, there are doubts on the way, there are disappointing results, but Master Sri Pranaji is always here with his love and understanding. I hold for a fact he is the only master that can teach me or more precisely have the patience to teach me. His style is just like no other Master's style I have read or heard about.

The SEP program allows me to explore aspects of me that I don't even suspected could exist, to connect with my inner-self, it switches on a light in the darkness, it gives hope that there are much more than what we commonly think of.

All my gratitude goes to Master Sri Pranaji, he is the researcher of spirituality, researching how to show the path of enlightment to normal people who have not dedicated their life to spirituality but still think something is missing in their life.

If you are reading this and wonder if you should be attending the SEP program, it most likely means you have to attend. What is for sure is that you won't regret it.

F., France, SEP – Dubai year 4

testimonials SEP year 3

I started my journey in Shakty Enlightenment Program (SEP) with a tinge of fear and not entirely sure of what is going to lead me; to be frank. Here's why.

Growing up, I had these theories in my mind - that something is not right with this world; we are running through some smokescreen of 'reality' but in fact we are all dormantly 'sleeping' or simply in coma state - I mean, how could I know? Some nature laws dominating on earth and our own mind seems to create most of the understanding, almost autopilot throughout our lives. Its indeed a strange thought but I wondered my whole life into this; it is as if the start of my own soul search.  As years goes, I've found scattered clues and spiritual guides which then finally leads me to know Master Sri Pranaji and Pranashakty Organisation. Knowing Master, his highest forms of knowledge and never-ending guide Ive gained from him had given me the much-needed crystal clearance of answers - one by one, while sailing through life time to time.

Now back to the SEP. That tinge of fear and doubt mentioned above are my self- doubt assessment of 'what if' I could not achieve the impossible, 'do I deserve' in this spiritual trip of mine, and 'will I' eventually face my own ultimate truth.  I believe at a point, maybe this is what it is, the point of me (as well as us) being human and going through all this chatter of uncertainty.... at the end; I just trust the moment and went for the leap - finally here in this moment being aware as if I was awaken from my own whirlpool of questions growing up, as if it is all meant to be; to know, to be experienced, to be wondered, to be guided, and to be, simply being the highest gift of myself.

Trust me when I say Master had bestowed the most practical science of spirituality and the knowledge of knowing in all pureness of self and soul the most simplistic way possible. Being grateful and being so, so thankful to Master Sri Pranaji and his guidance are simply not enough to express in receiving this priceless teaching, I can only say here I am now and going through moments of miracle wonderness of self and life itself enacting to the knowledge of SEP daily in my life. To whom reading this I wish wholeheartedly that your time has come and its finally here to achieve your highest embarkment of self-realisation through the knowledge of SEP from Master Sri Pranaji and I wish you all fullest luck, love and light in gracing fully these teachings into your Life.

Arut Perum Jothi.

Thineswari Govindasamy, SEP Malaysia year 3

While in the retreat and receiving the activation and instructions of the master, you perceive them not fully aware of their depth and value. However, over time, their greatest value becomes clear. You understand that the true goal of any person is the awareness of oneself, one’s nature, the nature of one’s thoughts and the nature of time. And every year more and more deeply plunging into oneself, more and more attachments, emotional dependences, addictions of habits go away. In a way, this is liberation from everything that immerses you in the illusions of existence.

Is there a higher goal than to make yourself free and happy ?

Artur, Russia, SEP year 3

It was the most unusual retreat in my opinion, of all that have passed. It felt that the Master works with us on a very subtle plan, almost no obvious changes were felt immediately.

I really liked the state after the process of Kaya Kalpa - deep healing, while we slept with the whole group: the deepest peace, grace and happiness for all the cells of the body.

The effect of the retreat: the connection with the Master and the spiritual connection with all the members of the group has increased, I find it wonderful! It feels as if we are bound by invisible, subtle threads into a single Brotherhood. My Heart thanks the Master for working with us and every brother and sister

Darina Dadykina, Russia, SEP year 3

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